Carmen Tebbe Priebe, Ph.D., L.P.

Therapeutic Approach

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with clients as they seek to understand their own experiences and functioning. I take a collaborative approach emphasizing the client as the expert in their own life. I see my role as a supportive guide to assist individuals in developing awareness and insight into their own thoughts, emotions, and interpersonal patterns and interactions. I believe every individual has their own unique experiences, worldview, and cultural identity, and thus, will have their own unique path and method for reaching their goals. I seek to help my clients identity their own definition of success given their unique circumstances.

I emphasize a growth mindset to increase acceptance of one’s current functioning, while also working to develop clients’ resiliency and confidence in their ability to improve functioning in all areas of life. I believe we are all works in progress with continuous opportunity to grow and develop. I view mental health as a component of overall health and believe all individuals perform their best in all areas of their life when they are psychologically well. My approach to well-being combines traditional counseling methods as well as performance optimization strategies. I work to assist clients in clarifying their values, priorities, needs, and goals as well as reflect on how their behaviors and decisions are affecting their ability to reach their full potential.

Clinical Areas of Interest

I am a generalist and work with a variety of presenting issues; however, the majority of my experience has been in providing mental health and performance optimization strategies for elite athletes at the professional, collegiate, and youth level. I am particularly interested in working with coaches and athletes, as well as clients in high pressure or high-risk careers. The intensity of these environments is similar to the pressure of athletics, and strategies aimed at well-being and psychological recovery can improve performance, job satisfaction, and increased quality in family, social, and career relationships.

My services are similar to executive coaching consultation, with an emphasis on integrating mental health and well-being into all aspects of life. My experience includes working with high performers with clinical mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, substance use, etc.) that need to restore functioning, as well as performance optimization strategies to improve functioning and performance. I am deliberate about integrating family of origin, identity development, relationship concerns, and diversity into my work.

Professional Biography

I am a Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider in the state of Iowa. In addition, I am a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and listed on the USOC Sport Registry as an approved provider. I am currently working in a part-time consulting role with University of Iowa Athletics Department.

I earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas, specializing in sport psychology. I completed an APA-accredited doctoral internship at the University of Oklahoma Health Consortium with rotations in the Counseling Center and Athletics Department. I completed my post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department and remained there for nine years in multiple roles, including serving as the Director of Psychological Resources for OU Student-Athletes for five years. In this role, I provided oversight for all counseling, performance enhancement, psycho-educational assessment, and team-building services for OU student-athletes. I earned my master’s degree in Psychology from Wake Forest and my bachelor’s degree in Psychology as a volleyball student-athlete at the University of South Carolina-Spartanburg.

I have been involved in numerous professional organizations, including APA, AASP, and several NCAA sponsored Mental Health Task Forces. One of my most rewarding professional opportunities was being selected as one of sixteen Subject Matter Experts for a Job Task Analysis aimed at improving the AASP certification process. I enjoy teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses on health psychology, student-athlete development, performance enhancement, leadership, and college adjustment.

Personal Hobbies

I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Iowa in 2015 so my husband and I could raise our children closer to family. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially watching or playing sports with our sons. I also enjoy reading, yoga, and biking. My professional experiences have allowed me to travel to many places throughout the US and I look forward to exploring new places.

3510 Lincoln Way, Suite 300, Ames, IA 50014 | Phone: (515) 292-9251 | Fax: (844) 895-6179 |

3510 Lincoln Way, Suite 300, Ames, IA 50014 | Phone: (515) 292-9251 | Fax: (844) 895-6179 |