Jenna Medlin-Ressler, Psy.D., L.P.

Therapeutic Approach

At the heart of my approach is the belief that you are the expert of your own life and my role as therapist is to serve as a guide, facilitator, educator, and advocate. I aim to provide a warm, empathic, and nonjudgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences at your own pace while also being challenged when appropriate. I emphasize mutual respect, trust, and humor as a foundation that fosters rapport, eases tension, and cultivates a safe environment for growth and healing. Drawing from various therapeutic modalities and evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance based approaches (primarily ACT and DBT), and interpersonal process, I hope to empower my clients as they learn to relate to themselves and others in new ways and gain greater resilience in pursuit of their individual goals.

Through honoring and respecting the diversity of human experiences and identities, I strive to create a culturally sensitive, humble, and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel seen, heard, and valued. I also believe in the importance of transparency and collaboration throughout the therapeutic process. I encourage open dialogue and feedback, ensuring that you feel empowered and informed throughout your therapeutic journey. Together, we will work towards fostering holistic well-being and cultivating a life that is meaningful, authentic, fulfilling, and aligned with your values.

Clinical Areas of Interest

While I consider myself a generalist and have many years of experience treating a wide range of concerns, there are a few areas of special expertise listed below that I am most passionate about.

Athletes/Sport and Performance Psychology: Whether you're struggling with performance anxiety, burnout, or are navigating transitions such as injury or retirement, therapy can help you optimize your mental game and achieve peak performance.

Disordered Eating and Body Image Concerns: I am passionate about helping individuals heal their relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies. Whether you're struggling with an eating disorder or feeling preoccupied with weight, body size/shape, or exercise, therapy is one valuable step supporting your journey towards recovery.

Psychological Assessment: I specialize in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments for ADHD, learning difficulties, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and various other mental health concerns. With a client-centered approach, psychological assessment offers accurate diagnoses and personalized recommendations which are tailored to each individual's unique needs.

Professional Biography

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the states of Iowa and Nebraska with a Health Service Provider Certificate in Iowa. My educational background began when I completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services from William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa and worked as a psychometrist at a local community mental health clinic. From there, I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I gained valuable clinical experience working in a wide variety of settings, including a non-profit supporting survivors of sexual violence, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a therapeutic day school, and university counseling centers. During my time in Chicago, I earned both a masters degree (M.A.) and a doctorate degree (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology from Adler University. I also completed an APA-accredited doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Creighton University’s Student Counseling Services in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, I specialized in providing student-athlete mental health care at the Athletic Counseling and Performance Clinic and served on the multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment Team. Following the completion of my post-doctoral fellowship, I moved back to Iowa to work full-time as a Senior Psychologist at Iowa State University’s Student Counseling Services. For several years prior to pursuing private practice full-time, I served as the Eating Disorder Treatment Coordinator and provided specialized services for student-athletes as a member of the Sport Psychology Services Team.

Personal Hobbies

As a certified yoga instructor, mindful movement, meditation, and breathwork are integral parts of my daily routine. I find solace and strength on the yoga mat and absorb a great sense of community in practicing with others. I rarely turn down an opportunity to grab an iced coffee or binge watch my favorite reality TV shows and my dogs enjoy taking me for walks any chance they can get. Lastly, spending quality time with my loved ones is a top priority. Whether it's cozy movie nights at home, cooking together, or embarking on new adventures, the laughter and connection shared with family and friends brings immense joy to my life.

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