Mary Nii-Munteh, Psy.D., L.P.

Therapeutic Approach

Dedicated to the wellbeing of humanity, I enjoy helping people access their true essence using various mind/body and compassion based approaches to help people release trauma(s) and enjoy feeling at home in their body and in their lives. My intention for my work is always to help elevate the individuals’ consciousness to its highest level. My lifelong goal is to contribute to the elevation of the human consciousness on our planet one person at a time.
To my clients, I believe that childhood interactions play a huge part in the development of psychological pain, wounds, and hurts. For this reason I am sensitive to the process of therapy and work hard to make it a safe and trusting space for you and myself to work together to arrive at the deepest healing possible for you. The here and now interactions in the room are important and I intentionally use them to foster the healing process. Your strengths and goals are important to the way I work because my aim is to free up the energy that has been suppressed by pain so that you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Clinical Areas of Interest

My training and work for the past 10+ years has focused on working with clients who have experienced different types of traumas in their lives. I enjoy working to heal emotional trauma and all other forms of trauma because of the joy of seeing my clients regain their composure and feel at home in their body and in their lives. I am a trained (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) (EMDR) practitioner and a Certified level II Self-Directed Compassion Practitioner. I enjoy working with mood disorders like depression & anxiety, identity and career concerns, low self-esteem issues, being hard on the self, family of origins concerns, relationship struggles, and sexual orientation and gender identity and expression difficulties. My clinical approach and world view are rooted in cultural, racial, gender, sexual, and national similarities and differences and how those affect how you function or feel challenged.

Professional Biography

I have a master’s and a doctorate in clinical psychology which I earned from the current Adler University in Chicago. I earned her bachelor’s degree at Viterbo University in La Crosse Wisconsin. Prior to obtaining my bachelor’s degree she studied spirituality at the Franciscan Catholic University in Rome, Italy, called, the ANTONIANUM. As a lifelong student of the art and science of emotional health, I have completed additional trainings in Mind/Body interventions including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). And I’m a self-taught Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) fan. My most life-changing and powerful training has been in Self-Directed Compassion work. I have obtained level I & II certification in this healing modality and uses it in her work with her clients when appropriate with great results.

Personal Hobbies

I maintain a daily practice of meditation and have attended yearly vipassana retreats for the past two years. I enjoy walking, Pilates, strength training, stretching, hiking, and the outdoors and I believe in practicing consistent physical movement to foster optimum health. At home I enjoy cooking, reading, and working online with business owners who are socially conscious and have big dreams to help heal the world.

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